I write for specialized readers and non-scientists alike, mainly covering biology and medicine.

In my full-time job at the American Association for Cancer Research, I publish approximately 25 technical articles per month in the Research Watch, In This Issue, News in Brief, and News in Depth sections of the society’s flagship journal, Cancer Discovery, and I have also contributed an Editorial to the journal Blood Cancer Discovery. Some of these articles are behind a paywall, so if you would like to see samples of my technical writing and don’t have access, please contact me.

As a freelancer, I mostly write for broader audiences. Below, I’ve included a selection of articles I’ve written in a wide variety of formats and styles.

Berkeley Science Review
From DNA to diversity: The molecular basis of evolution
Color by numbers: Conjuring up colors in nature and in the lab
From the dungeon: A tale from the lab

The original origami: The paradox of protein folding
The curious case of cubane

Business Insider
7 everyday things you’re doing that are hurting the ocean

Mental Floss
Why Does Scratching Make Itching Worse?
12 Common Things Science Still Hasn’t Figured Out
13 Things to Know About DNA Testing Kits

Genes to Genomes
Why do so many Nobel Prizes go to scientists working on fruit flies?
Women’s hidden contributions to theoretical population genetics

Can gene drives survive in the wild?
75+ other articles (more technical)

Live Science
What is the amygdala?
What is heat exhaustion?

A New Drug for Low Sex Drive in Women May Hit the Market Soon
Are Those Flakes Dandruff or Psoriasis?
9 Natural Treatments for Psoriatic Arthritis That Actually Help, According to Science

Berkeley Optometry Magazine
Repairing the retina

Gruber Foundation
Genetics Prize for Bert Vogelstein: Research Profile | Detailed Bio | Press Release
Neuroscience Prize for Joseph Takahashi: Research Profile | Detailed Bio | Press Release

GENETICS (somewhat technical)
BioEYES: 2018 Elizabeth W. Jones Award for Excellence in Education
Philip Hieter: 2018 George W. Beadle Award
Job Dekker: 2018 Edward Novitski Prize
Mariana Wolfner: 2018 Genetics Society of America Medal
Barbara J. Meyer: 2018 Thomas Hunt Morgan Medal

I consider increasing the accuracy of scientific content available to the public and teaching others how to discern fact from hype to be major components of my work, and I gave a public talk on the latter subject in 2018. I’m also passionate about science outreach and policy, and I’ve written a bit about related topics on my blog (here, on research funding, and here, on GMOs), on the March for Science’s blog, and in The Berkeley Graduate. In 2016, I spoke about some of my outreach activities during a radio interview.