I write and edit for specialized readers and non-scientists alike, mainly covering biology and medicine. A selection of articles I’ve written (intended for all audiences unless otherwise noted) can be found below. Much of my somewhat more technical work has been published on the Genetics Society of America’s blog, Genes to Genomes, on which most articles are intended for readers with at least some background in biology. As of June 2019, I am also the American Association for Cancer Research’s science writer for the journal Cancer Discovery.

Berkeley Science Review
Color by numbers
From the dungeon
From DNA to diversity
The original origami
The curious case of cubane

Business Insider
7 everyday things you’re doing that are hurting the ocean

Mental Floss
Why Does Scratching Make Itching Worse?
12 Common Things Science Still Hasn’t Figured Out
13 Things to Know About DNA Testing Kits

Genes to Genomes
Why do so many Nobel Prizes go to scientists working on fruit flies?
Women’s hidden contributions to theoretical population genetics

Can gene drives survive in the wild?
75+ other articles (more technical)

A New, Female Version of Viagra Is About to Hit the Market

Berkeley Optometry Magazine
Repairing the retina

GENETICS (paywalled; some more technical)
BioEYES: 2018 Elizabeth W. Jones Award for Excellence in Education
Philip Hieter: 2018 George W. Beadle Award
Job Dekker: 2018 Edward Novitski Prize
Mariana Wolfner: 2018 Genetics Society of America Medal
Barbara J. Meyer: 2018 Thomas Hunt Morgan Medal

In addition to being a writer, I have also worked as an editor for the Berkeley Science Review‘s print magazine (2016–2017) and as the Editor in Chief of its blog (2017).

Increasing access to accurate information about science and teaching others how to discern fact from hype is one of my greatest aspirations, and I gave a public talk on the subject in 2018.

I’m also passionate about science outreach and policy, and I’ve written a bit about related topics on my blog (here, on research funding, and here, on GMOs), on the March for Science’s blog, and in The Berkeley Graduate. In 2016, I spoke about some of my outreach activities during a radio interview.