Nontechnical Writing

In my years moonlighting as a freelance science writer, I have published articles in print magazines such as the Berkeley Science Review and Berkeley Optometry Magazine as well as on websites including Live Science, Business Insider, Mental Floss, Greatist, and more. Most of the articles I write as a freelancer are intended for all audiences, no matter how much or how little prior knowledge of the subject readers may have. In my freelance work, I cover science—primarily biology—along with health and medicine.

Links to a few of the nontechnical pieces I have published as a freelance science writer are included below. As is apparent from this selection of articles, I have experience writing everything from entertaining (yet informative) listicles to sprawling features. For additional samples of my nontechnical work, please contact me.

In addition to working as a freelance science writer, I also have a full-time role producing technical scientific and medical articles. To view examples of my technical writing, which is intended for audiences with specialized scientific or medical backgrounds, please click here.

In-Depth Features

The Original Origami: The Paradox of Protein Folding
Why Do So Many Nobel Prizes Go to Scientists Working on Fruit Flies?
Color by Numbers: Conjuring Colors in Nature and the Lab
From DNA to Diversity: The Molecular Basis of Evolution
Repairing the Retina: Gene Therapies for Blindness
Can Gene Drives Survive in the Wild?

Brief Pieces

From the Dungeon: A Tale of Electron Microscopy
7 Everyday Things You’re Doing That Are Hurting the Ocean
12 Common Things Science Still Hasn’t Figured Out
The Curious Case of Cubane: A Chemical That Shouldn’t Exist
What is the Amygdala? More Than the Fear Center
13 Things to Know About DNA Testing Kits
Why Does Scratching an Itch Make it Even Worse?
What is Heat Exhaustion? A Brief Explainer
A New Drug for Low Sex Drive in Women May Hit the Market Soon

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