As an independent scientific consultant, I serve as an advisor to individuals and business entities requiring scientific guidance. To discuss potential projects or request a quote, please contact me.

Frequently Asked Questions

Broadly, my areas of expertise relevant to my role as a scientific consultant include biology and the biomedical sciences, and I have worked on consulting projects related to a wide variety of biological and medical subfields. As examples, my most recent projects have covered topics including molecular biology, structural biology, prenatal health, physical fitness, immunology, and clinical trials.

I received my PhD in molecular and cell biology from the University of California, Berkeley, in 2017. For my dissertation, I used cryo–electron microscopy to determine the structure and function of a type of inflammasome, a protein complex involved in innate immunity. As a graduate student, my research was supported by the esteemed Graduate Research Fellowships Program from the National Science Foundation. My doctoral research culminated in a scientific publication in the journal Science as a co-first author and a book chapter in a volume of Methods in Enzymology as a first and corresponding author.

Additionally, since June 2019, I have worked as a full-time science writer at the American Association for Cancer Research, which involves critically evaluating dozens of scientific papers on cancer research each month and puts me in direct contact with the leading experts in the field. This work has given me further insight into areas such as clinical trials, drug development, and oncology as a whole.

My experience as a scientific consultant dates back to the beginning of 2019. Since then, I have served in an advisory role in several projects for a variety of individuals and businesses. For more information on my background, please see my professional bio.

Unfortunately, I am not able to travel for consulting projects at this time. I am happy to maintain frequent contact via phone or video chat, however. Additionally, I am located in Philadelphia, PA, and am available to meet locally on nights and weekends.

Rates are set in agreement with each client and can be calculated on a per-project or per-hour basis, with the nature and scope of the work determining the appropriate rate. My base rate is $150/hour and increases with the complexity of the tasks required.

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